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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Store in Strathroy, ON

Vinyl floors have evolved in recent times, and quickly become one of the fastest growing products on the market. Modern vinyl is now considered a luxury item with authentic, natural looks and durable performance features. At Hamstra Carpet One Floor & Home, you'll find a top selection of luxury vinyl that looks just like hardwood, tile, and stone. In addition to stunning visuals, LV floors are affordable, easy to install, and simple to care for over the years. Visit us today in Strathroy, Ontario, or shop our luxury vinyl selection online now to learn more!


Types of Luxury Vinyl


Today you'll find luxury vinyl planks and tiles on top of classic sheet vinyl. Luxury vinyl planks are shaped just like wood floor panels and have a high-definition veneer that features popular species like oak, maple, hickory, and birch. The wood look visual is complemented by a texture that matches the grain patterns, knots, and other natural features. Unlike real hardwood, vinyl is synthetic and water-repellent. It won’t warp in humid conditions and it never needs to be refinished, sanded, or polished. Luxury vinyl planks are also generally more affordable than hardwood, and they’re often easier to install and replace.


Luxury vinyl tiles are also shaped like real tile and stone, and have a veneer that mirrors the rich visuals of porcelain, ceramic, limestone, marble, granite, and beyond. LVT floors are typically softer and more giving underfoot, which makes them more comfortable to stand on. It also means objects like plates and glasses are less likely to break if they fall, or crack the floor. In fact, the next time you step on an older tile or stone floor, you may notice cracks and chips that have appeared over time. This won’t happen with luxury vinyl tiles because they can handle heavy foot traffic and the floor settling over the years.


Is Luxury Vinyl Waterproof?


All luxury vinyl flooring products provide some level of moisture protection. We also offer 100% waterproof collections that can handle high humidity and moisture environments like bathrooms and kitchens. Unlike water-resistant floors, waterproof luxury vinyl planks and tiles can handle repeated exposure to spills from children or pets without damage. They also have a fast-drying, non-porous surface that's stain-resistant and leak-tight.


Where Can Luxury Vinyl Be Installed?


Luxury Vinyl flooring is perfect for both residential and commercial settings. It's stylish enough to give your space an intimate, inviting aesthetic and tough enough to handle even the most high-traffic rooms. Luxury Vinyl tiles are a budget-friendly alternative to real tile and stone, while luxury vinyl planks offer far better moisture-protection than real wood. We offer commercial luxury vinyl planks and tiles, which are popular in downtown shops, restaurants, and offices. We also have luxury vinyl tile collections that you can grout if you want that added touch of realism in your bathroom, entryway, or kitchen.


Our Luxury Vinyl Selection


We offer many of the best luxury vinyl brands on the market, including Invincible™ H20, Invincible XT™, and Nature's Walk® LVT. We also regularly offer low luxury vinyl flooring prices thanks to our membership in the Carpet One co-op, which gives us access to lower wholesale prices. Additionally, we have an experienced team of flooring professionals who can help you decide on the right product for your home or business. We proudly serve Strathroy, Ontario.


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Caring for Luxury Vinyl

Caring for Luxury Vinyl

LV floors are one of the easiest to maintain

surfaces we offer. They take minimal time

and labour to clean, and they're

highly wear and stain-resistant.